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2.5 Gallon Flower Of Life Jug

Collecting your own lab tested safe spring water is a great option if it's geographically feasible for you. Check out FindASpring.Com to access a community generated map of cold and hot springs locations around the world. 


Stack 4 jugs and a dispenser with our Bamboo or Steel Shelves 



Customer Reviews

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Gorgeous water jug and great alternative to those nasty plastic jugs! I have two small globes I carry with me daily as well and I love them! The water jug looks tasteful no matter where you place it in your house. The shape is easy to carry and refill. I just love it!

High Quality Vessels

I love the look and meaning behind these flower of life vessels! They're high quality glass and super durable. I have several and they've survived many trips back and forth to the water store. I refuse to use plastic for any of my food or beverage containers and am so grateful that these were available. They are beautiful and practical, highly recommended!

Water feels nurtured and blessed

My water feels so nurtured and cared for in these glass jugs. The glass jugs are a perfect size so that they aren't TOO heavy after filling them and the whole set up is easy to switch the jugs out over the dispensers. We love the aesthetic of them in our home. We are careful to clean them and give them padding when we are transporting them to and from the spring. We love that no BPA or anything else from the plastic leaches into the water when its being held there before we drink it. Thank you so much for these beautiful creations!


Great water dispenser

We purchased the water dispenser and jug about a year ago and have been completely satisfied! The jug and dispenser are beautiful and look very nice on the countertop. We always get compliments from our guest about how attractive the jug is. Together the jug and dispenser hold 5 gallons of water which is more than the plastic jugs we were using before. We prefer to drink water out of glass or other natural material, so this was a great purchase for us.

Form and Function

Beautiful, quality glass. We will these up from an artisan well downtown and often get questions about where we got them. We have 3 of the 2.5 gallon jars as well as the base and an orb. They are so beautiful, especially compared to the ugly blue plastic one we were using. The glass feels so much nicer and I know it’s healthier and better for us than plastic. 10-10 would recommend.