Bamboo Shelf

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Sustainable bamboo with room for 4 jugs

Free assembly with water purchase

Top of shelf is 39 inches high, which is level with most counter tops

Jugs and Dispenser not included with stand 

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Customer Reviews

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Bamboo shelving

I was so excited to have this package arriving at my front door. It is so pleasant to know something can be so conpacr and easily to fit in any space of your home but if you have carpet i highly recommend you place it on solid ground to prevent any futurn occurances from happening. Its such a great piece of furniture and perfectly designed for the water jugs.

Excellent service

The water is the best tasting water I’ve tried. Love the design on glass containers. The service has been amazing. So glad I found this company. Great pricing as well. 5 stars for me.

Best water solution, best price.

I was looking for an all glass, spring to bottle, delivered water solution. This is the BEST tasting water, all natural, at an amazing price. I looked long and hard and couldn't be more happy with my solution. The bamboo tower, dispenser, all great fuction, and easy to assemble, and looks better than most typical 5 gal. sparklett's type monstrosities. The size of the company feels a bit Mom & Pop, so I don't get the feeling they have a huge team, but what they may lack in manpower, they make up for with great, friendly, truly caring personal customer service. -DO IT!