2.5 Gallons of Water Delivered in Chilled Glass

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We Are Mostly Water
What we choose to drink has a major impact on our health.
Why Fresh Living Spring Water Is Your Best Choice
Primary Water Source
Our delivery is sourced from Opal Spring in Central Oregon. Evidence sugggests this spring is what's known as a primary water source. That's why absolutely no traces of industrial age contamination have ever been found in our water.
Natural Minerals
Our spring water has the perfect balance of magnesium, potassium, calcium and sodium. These are the electrolytes that our bodies and brains need to thrive. They just happen to impart perfect taste as well.
Our friendly support tream will text you to confirm you're ready for another delivery, at your desired frequency. We can also call or email if you prefer. Our drivers text you an exact ETA and leave our easy-to-maneuver 2.5 gallon jugs on your porch or happily bring them in.
Our lead-free glass jugs are reusable indefinitely. This is contrary to the pollution and wasteful energy involved in consumption of single-use bottles. We take less than 1% of the total spring's output to preserve natural habitats.
Biological Adaptation
Humans have drank natural spring water directly from the earth for 99% of our existence. It's from what our bodies have adapted to thrive.
Unparalleled Freshness
Our water goes directly into triple-washed-and-rinsed jugs, and it stays refrigerated until it reaches your doorstep. Lab tests confirm low deuterium levels and high pH.
The Ultimate Energy Drink
Real spring water enables calm-yet-powerful vitality without any of the negative side effects that many alternatives have. What will you accomplish with enhanced focus and extra energy?
Abundance of Beauty Mineral Silica
Our water has 38 mg/l of the rare substance known to enhance eye, skin and hair health. Many of our customers notice an immediate difference, as mentioned in any reviews.

Ideal water intake is different for everyone. Our recommendation is based on what's most affordable and convenient for the majority of our customers. We always text to confirm customers are ready for the next delivery.

Pause, adjust, or cancel at any time

We do our best to keep up with rapidly increasing demand.

New Deliveries Will Be Scheduled In The Order Of Which They Are Received.

We strive to make prices affordable as possible for everyone. However we refuse to compromise on quality of source, freshness, or environmental impact. Good water is the foundation of health. It's our pleasure to share that with you.

2.5 Gallon Jug Of Fresh Live Spring Water

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