Fountain of Truth Spring Water Source

Live Water

Fresh Spring Water Sourced From Opal Spring In Madras Oregon

At the spring head fire agates and 108,000 gallons of water per minute levitate out of a lava tube. It's been in constant offering at that exact same flow rate, since it was first measured in 1925 until now. The water is from a time when earth was pristine, and is estimated to have matured below the surface for up to 10,000 years before surfacing. 

Imagine its journey as it's flowing through vast networks of crystal lined lava tubes to the surface. Major science has concluded that their is a body of water with a larger volume than all our oceans combined in the core of the earth. This is the earth's way of cleansing water, and offering it back to us with a fresh new start. Time Magazine Article

Sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium are the four primary electrolytes that maintain the body’s fluid balance. LIVE WATER is abundant in each. Their is even trace amounts of lithium and copper. Our naturally alkaline water is ideal for every day use at a ph of 8. Our Probiotic Report shows four raw water exclusive probiotics that aren't found in any other food source. 

The Extensive Water Analysis shows super high levels of natural silica. Silica is essentially pure liquid crystals. Silicone holds information and energy in a unique way, thats why all our devices run off of them, hence the name silicone valley. Imagine how it would feel to upgrade your brain's entire operating system to the best computer chips available. Silica is also known as the beauty mineral, very rarely found in any food or supplements.

Benefits of Silica-    

  • Keeps skin hydrated and feeling soft

  • Reduces wrinkles and fine lines

  • Keeps hair lengthy and luxurious

  • Builds strong healthy nails

  • Increases joint strength and flexibility

We transport our water in triple washed lead free 2.5 gallon glass jugs. Since our water is alive and abundant with healthy microflora, it is imperative that we keep it from reaching sweltering conditions. Unlike sterile water, our water will turn green if exposed to excessive heat and sun light. To guarantee unparalleled freshness, we keep our water chilled in our storage facilities and vehicles till final delivery. We recommend storing Live Water away from direct sun light, and in a cool location. Our water is delivered within 2 weeks of collection, and will stay absolutely fresh for one complete lunar cycle after delivery. 

Live Water

In it's natural cycle water is infinitely chemically and energetically complex. Water goes down into the soil and becomes the perfect probiotic as it passes through microbes and micro-organisms in the humus. It picks up bio-available mono atomic elements and minerals that just can't be replicated. We have done our best to keep it pristine. Read on to find out what distinguishes our water from every other source available. 
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