Other Water

Other Water

For cheaper transport and shelf stability all other bottled, filtered, spring, and tap waters are sterilized with ozone gas, irradiated with UV light, and passed through a sub-micron filter. It's similar to juice that's pasteurized so it can sit on shelves for months. Fresh squeezed juice is clearly better, but what about fresh squeezed spring water? Our water is kept cold and transported within days of collection.
Similar to the use of antibiotics, water sterilization disrupts healthy bacterias. Developing and sustaining a healthy gut biome is a key factor in unlocking optimal health. We have an average 5 pounds of good or bad bacteria in our gut flora. Fermented food are great sources for healthy bacteria, but drinking beneficial microbes in water, might be our bodies most critical source of healthy bacteria. Go with your gut. 

Blasting water with ozone changes it's molecular structure.
Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation uses synthetic ultraviolet light, different from our natural environment UV, to kill or inactivate micro-organisms by destroying nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA. A hard fact to swallow, but your drinking water might be considered a genetically modified organism. GMO seeds and GMO water don't have the capacity to reproduce life. Perhaps this could influence human's capacities also.

Many cities are now using reclaimed water from sewage treatment plants for their tap water- Discover your zip codes water. Pharmaceuticals in tap water are showing up in more and more cities-  CBS News ReportUnfortunately almost all tap water also has the neurotoxin fluoride put into it- Flouride Neurotoxin Official ClassificationChloramine is now also added to tap water, essentially chlorine and ammonia. 
Here is another news report exposing most bottled water is just tap water in plastic. Bottled Water Reality"Purified Water" is typically devoid of all minerals, and actually strips your body's minerals. The world health organization declared this a major health threat.Dangers Of De-Mineralized Water 
You can attempt to remineralize filtered water, but those minerals will never be bio-available like in fresh living spring water. Another danger is attempting to change a water's ph level. By drinking water that is too highly alkaline, you could actually dilute your stomach's digestive acids.
We've chosen to use glass for our water because all plastic water bottles are toxic. Bpa Scam Exposed. Most "spring water" companies actually pump their water from stagnant near surface aquifers aka wells. Our mature water is in constant offering and gushes out ice cold at 54 degrees after completing its natural cycle. We keep it that temperature till its delivered to your door.

Water is the essence of all life on this planet, but it's also the universal solvent. Is your water breaking you down or building you up?

We envision all waters of earth cherished for transmitting nature's living wisdom. May all peoples come together to provide clean fresh water for each other. 10% of our profits go to providing clean water access for others.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Our services are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult your health care provider before making a decision to switch your drinking water source.